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Seed's ETC.
 Call us at: 281-424-2080
We offer exotic bird seed custom blended for your birds needs. We also use what we sell. We produce some very high quality birds with great color and health, feel free to take a look at our birds.
Seed's ETC. ® , Baytown, Tx

Information on delivery please call 281-424-2080
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Cinnamon Turquoise Male
                   Violet Male
White Head White Tail Grey Male
Available Varieties

Cockatiel Seed mix with Sunflower

Parakeet Seed mix

Canary & Finch  Seed mix

Parrot Seed mix with Fruit and Veggie mix

Parrot Seed mix No Sunflower

California Golden Millet  

Many varieties ZUPREEM Fruited Pellets

We also do DNA sexing in your Home to reduce Stress on your birds